Dr. Zinia Thomas

Medical Doctor

A licensed child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, Zinia Thomas, M.D. is qualified by the State of Missouri to prescribe medical marijuana. Dr. Thomas is certified in Cannabis Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. To transform the field of mental health in the most dependable and natural ways available is her mission. 

After practicing for 15 years, she noticed an absence of effective pharmaceutical methods that were really capable of inciting lasting changes within her patients. In 2017, she founded Radiance Float + Wellness which offers natural methods to reach wellness, and the differences she observed in the ones who invested in their health were incredible. She also added CBD and legal THC to her practice, and these natural plant medicines have been helpful for so many people to recover their health.  

Radiance started incorporating IV/IM Ketamine into their treatments in 2019, and as a result they have returned a light to the lives of her clients during the pandemic. Today, at Radiance, their aim is getting people to be their best selves  through the use of Ketamine.

Professional Credentials

Natural Healing Treatments

  • Medical Marijuana

  • Ketamine

  • CBD

  • Terpenes

  • Essential oils

Professional Experience

  • Medical Director, HealthCity, MD

  • Medical Director, Radiance Float + Wellness

  • Medical Director, Radiance Ketamine Clinic


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