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Scholarship for Medical Students

The Dr. Zinia Thomas Scholarship for Medical Students was created with the intention of awarding scholarship funding to individuals who are in school planning to study medicine. Dr. Thomas understands that academics are not the only cause for concern on the challenging road that medical students face ahead of them. Students must stay on top of both their studies and their finances, and knowing this she wants to give back however she can to the next generation of doctors.

Who is it for?

Any university students who are located in the United States and have the strong desire to attend medical school and go on to become doctors may apply to The Dr. Zinia Thomas Scholarship for Medical Students. In addition, this scholarship is also available to any high school student with plans to attend a university and with the intention of studying medicine. Dr. Thomas recognizes the mental load placed on students who know how many years of schooling they have lying ahead of them on their journey to becoming a doctor, and she has chosen to reward a deserving student with $1,000 for their tuition because of this.


Dr. Zinia Thomas

dr zinia thomas

St. Louis, Missouri Medical Doctor

Dr. Zinia Thomas is a CannaKDelic Psychiatrist whose goal is to change up mental health treatment techniques in the safest and most natural ways she can. She bet on medical marijuana to finally generate long lasting changes for her patients after training and practicing for 15 years in conventional Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry.


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Dr. Thomas is aware from her own first hand experience of the highly challenging road awaiting many medical students. After years of success to look back on, her desire now is to pay it forward to our future generation of doctors with this scholarship fund. We encourage qualified students to take full advantage of this chance to gain scholarship funding. To start the process, visit our application page below and you can check out all the details on how to apply and to enter the essay contest, where we pick the winner.

Earn Money Towards Your Education

Dr. Zinia Thomas sees how the mounting costs of education, especially for medical school, are putting increasing pressure on students that are studying on the road to become doctors. Because of this, Dr. Thomas wants to grant an opportunity to a stellar student with this $1,000 scholarship award. Through this scholarship fund, Zinia’s goal is to bolster awareness for the financial issues students grapple with while also completing the many years of medical school and on the long track to a career in medicine. Along the way, she also hopes to assist one of our future medical leaders in the United States to reach their goals.


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For any additional information regarding our scholarship or if you want to ask any questions, please reach out via the form found on the contact page and someone will reply back to you right away. Any universities or organizations with the desire to help out are always welcomed to get in touch as well and see how you can get involved. We are wishing good luck to all of our applicants with the contest and with your journey to becoming part of our next generation of doctors!


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